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Products > Home Beauty Device > > Rechargeable Portable Face Lift Multipolar RF
Product name : Rechargeable Portable Face Lift Multipolar RF
Item : R1
Minimum Order : 100 pieces
Payment Terms : T/T,Western Union,MoneyGram
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New Rechargeable Face Lifting Rejuvenation Device Portable Multipolar RF Device (R1)
Main Functions:
1. Multipolar RF
2. Infrared Light Therapy
1. Multipolar RF
RF is short for Radio Frequency. It's a high-frequency electromagnetic wave which could input electromagnetic energy into dermal layers of the skin, stimulate the dermis, heat the collagen to 45~60 ℃, activate the collagen shrinking and re-generating, increase the thickness and density, so it could tighten and lift the loose skin, remove wrinkle and scar, make skin elastic and glossy.
2. Infrared Light Therapy
Infrared LED light therapy uses concentrated beams of light to help remove skin blemishes, especially on the face. In general, infrared light therapy uses a combination of red light and infrared light to promote skin health because the Light-emitting diode (LED) lights emit light at red and infrared wavelengths. The red light helps stimulate healing, which can treat acne scars, rosacea, age spots and blemishes caused by broken capillaries. Infrared therapy tends to be used to treat wrinkles and other problems caused by poor skin support, such as translucent skin or coarse skin.
1) Innovative Multiple Electrodes, which output more RF energy, effectively rejuvenate skin, remove wrinkle and tighten skin.
2) Integrating high energy infrared, improve therapeutic efficacy.
3) Portable and Rechargeable, easy to carry and use anywhere & anytime.
4) Inductive Design, it works only when touching skin, intelligent and energy-saving.
5) Low/Medium/High RF levels for options, fitting for different demands and skin types.
6) Intelligent Low Voltage Alarm, charging and full charged indicators.
Description: Portable Multipolar RF Machine
Item Number: R1
RF Type: Multipolar RF
Control: Digital Buttons
Power: DC5V, 0.8A
Current: Max 500mA
RF Handle Material: ABS
RF Electrode Material: Stainless Steel #304
Product Size: 15.7x4.0x4.2cm/Product Weight: 170g
Package Includes:
RF Unit x1 pc
Charging Base x1 pc
Power Adaptor x1 pc
Gift Box x1 pc

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