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Products > RF Machine > > 2in1 Monopolar RF Cold Hammer
Product name : 2in1 Monopolar RF Cold Hammer
Item : R30
Minimum Order : 1 pc
Payment Terms : T/T, Western Union
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2 in 1 Monopolar RF Wrinkle Removal Face Lifting Slimming Machine with Cold Hammer (R30)
1. Monopolar RF
2. Cold Hammer
1. What is Monopolar RF ?
Radio frequency skin treatment is a medaesthetic procedure designed to improve the appearance of the skin, especially around the facial area. Such treatments involve transmitting electromagnetic energy, in the form of RF (Radio Frequency) waves, through skin tissue. This energy causes heat buildup, controlled heating of targeted layers of skin tissue enables inducing several beneficial effects, among these are reduction of skin sagging, elimination of wrinkles and overall skin rejuvenation.
Monopolar RF Skin treatments the electromagnetic energy is delivered onto the skin via a probe which contains just one single electrode. Another electrode is placed at a distance of several centimeters. This way the RF currents are forced to travel deeper down in to the skin, tissues up to 20mm below the skin's surface may be targeted and heated this way.
- Face and Neck Lifting & Remodelling
- Tightening and lifting flaccid areas of the face
- Reduces Wrinkles
- Lift Sagging Skin
- Enhances luminosity of the skin
- Fat Reduction
- Body Remodelling
- Cellulite Treatment and skin partial reconstruction
- Increase Collagen Level
- Tighten loose skin
2. Cold Hammer
The Cooling treatment is specially designed for calming down the skin after rf lifting treatment. It reduces redness of the skin, and it shrinks the pores after absorping beauty products to enhance results.
RF Type:Monopolar RF
RF Frequency: 0.3~0.5Mhz
Power: 300W
Materail: ABS
Display: LCD Touch Screen
Screen Size: 4 inches
Package Size:52x51x35.5 CM
Gross Weight: 6KGS
1 x Monopolar RF Machine
1 x Monopolar RF Handpiece
3 x Monopolar RF Electrodes
1 x Metal Plate
1 x Cold Hammer
1 x Power Line

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