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How to Give Ultrasonic Facials

Author : Date : 9/2/2013 10:13:06 AM
Benefits of Ultrasonic Facials

This Skybeauty Ultrasound Device helps the product to penetrate to a deeper level throughout the layers of the skin. The deeper you can get a product to penetrate, the more it’ll have benefits and you’ll see more results. You never want a product that’s just going to sit and float around on top of your skin because it’s not doing anything. 


Once you have washed the skin area you intend to treat, apply conductive gel to your skin and move your ultrasonic beauty massager following the directions below. Do not remain on the same spot, and take care not to overstimulate the area. Recommended ultrasonic caring time is 10 minutes.

Note that this guide is only general, and not intended to supercede any instructions that come with your particular unit. Different units have different intensities, different treatment times, different functions, and different sized heads, all of which will affect details of exactly how to apply the device.

   Facial Area

   Strokes in general should move in circular motions,
   unless the target area is too small. 
   Be sure to avoid eyes, and move the massager
   at around 5cm per second.

   Facial Target Areas 

   (A) Treating Pimples
   Move inwards from different directions. Do not press directly on the pimple.

   (B) Dark Spots
   Circle out counterclockwise

   (C) Wrinkles
   Follow direction of wrinkles, moving upward / outward.

   (D) Double Chins
   Move upward and outward.

Clean the face with tissue, then wash with water. Turn off the unit. 
Clean the treatment head of the massager with tissue paper.

Tips & Warnings from Skybeautycare

* Many spas offer ultrasound facials. Getting your first ultrasound facial from a professional will allow you to find out if the procedure is helpful for you and will give you an idea of how much pressure to apply to your skin.

* Don't use an ultrasound facial machine if you have hypertension or heart disease, or if you wear a pacemaker. You should also not use the machine if you are pregnant.

* Don't use an ultrasound facial machine internally, and avoid the areas around your mouth, ears or center of your throat.