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How to Use Skin Scrubber

Author : Date : 9/21/2013 4:32:29 PM

Skin Scrubber can be easily used at home with an at-home use device which is safe, gentle and easy to use.

It is a very effective way to clean facial pores deeply, remove aging skin callouses, exfoliate skin, removing dead cells from the skin surface.
SK-H006 Skin Scrubber also can be used as a ultrasound device, when turned on the massage mode.

First, you need to clean your face from make-up, creams, dirt with an oil-free cleanser. Then, spray clean water and start to work following massage lines from the bottom to the top of the face. Your face should constantly be wet, so continue to spray water. You will need 10-15 minutes to deeply clean the skin.

After you remove dead cells from the top skin layer, apply a concentrate, a serum or an anti-wrinkle cream, then conductive gel and start working recording the massage lines with the massage mode on your
SK-H006 device.


It could take about 30 minutes on the face and no more than 10 minutes around the eye area for each side.

Be especially careful with around the eye areas: never touch the skin beyond the bone border, as it’s shown on the right pictures, to avoid puffiness or irritation.

Remove the rest of conductive gel with a tissue and apply a mask. Rinse your face with warm water.

Benefits of Skybeautycare Ultrasonic Scrubber

1) Deeply cleans the skin and inside the pore
2) Removes fine lines, reduces appearance of wrinkles
3) Removes wrinkles around eyes
4) Promotes skin tone
5) Hastens elastin and collagen production
6) Rapids the metabolic processes into the skin cells
7) Helps cosmetic products better penetrate into the skin

It can be used as a deep skin cleanser and as wrinkle eliminator, collagen booster device.

Do Not Use If:

1) You pregnant
2) Have cardiac pacemaker
3) Implanted stimulators
4) Have electronic implanted devices
5) You have wounds and burns on the skin surface