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Light Head Magnifying Glass

Author : Date : 9/22/2013 3:44:06 PM

Light Head Magnifying Glass Is Good For All Crafts And
Small Jobs That Require Free Hands And Extra Light

I bought my first Light Head Magnifying Glass years ago and have found this to be the most used tool in my tool box. The lenses lift up much like when you take an eye exam and the optomitrist places lenses on top of each other until you can see clearly.

1) The headset is flexible and easy the lenses are easy to switch out.

2) Your work is magnified 350% original the size,
    The clarity is bright with no blurring or glare.

3) There are 4 different lenses that can be mixed and matched to the perfect view.
     1.2X, 1.8X, 2.5X & 3.5X

4) The lenses are light weight, scratch-resistant acrylic plastic.
     No marks on your face when you take it off.

5) If you wear glasses. they fit comfortably over them.

6) The headlight uses 2 super-bright LED - powered for 30 hours.

7) This product can be used by the technicians in various fields or the workers in precise production fields.

8) It is also suitable for the works of dentists, beast doctors and beauty staffs, jewel processing, sewing, embroidery, stamp collection, reading, drawing and so on. And it is also hoped that the fishing lovers with suitable ages can use this product.

9) The lenses flip up and do not fall down unless you push them. If you turn on the light, you can sefely walk on a rough road at night.

10) The light can be adjusted up and down, and left and right for 25 degrees.

11) Do not look though the lenses in the sunshine. It can burn your eyes.

12) Do not store on the window sill or near combustible material if there is an open window.

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